Time to say goodbye?

Fust & Friends has been a playground, an experiment, and a home for lost & new typefaces.

The website has been like a club, where you can sit down with your laptop, and enjoy geek stories and eye candy. We’ve been around for almost five years, but all of us have their independent careers. It’s a lot of work to keep a microfoundry going in these difficult times, and so we had to decide: running a sleepy, sloppy foundry, or investing energy and more into its continuation. To cut a long story short: Fust & Friends will step down from the platform somewhere in the fall of 2020. But we do have a great goodbye offer!

We would like to end with a modest BANG. We offer the complete library, including a more professional, international version of our Presto revival and a beta version of the unpublished Out Sans Medium. It also includes Minjoo Ham's Teddy, produced in our Berlin home studio and winner of a TDC Award.

The attractive and useful Fust & Friends collection of five display typefaces is now available at an incredibly affordable price. The first weeks there's another 50% discount. Get the Complete Bundle – aka as Goodbye package – now!