This site is not a font supermarket

It is not a font shop either, and we’re using that term very generically, or a creative market. Fust & Friends is more like a club, where you can sit down with your laptop, and enjoy geek stories and eye candy. And that’s just the website. Our base is in Berlin, possibly Europe’s capital of independent type research and creation, where we participate in events and publications that make a difference. Our fonts, available from this site and from Fontspring, indicate the width of our interests and the flexibility of our tastes.

Click the samples or go to the fonts section to meet Teddy, Alarm, Teddings, and Presto – our first releases.


In deutscher Sprache: Fust & Friends besprochen von Antje Dohmann in der PAGE Online, 2.11.2017: Neue Foundry Fust & Friends