Useful icons in the Teddy style

What could be added to the Teddy family to give it a stronger aura of usability and fun? How about a set of dingbats | icons | pictures in a compatible style? We immediately thought of Berlin-based illustrator Bea Davies. She is a stylistic chameleon, and quite resourceful when it comes to thinking solution-oriented; there was little doubt that she would skilfully adapt the unique shapes of Teddy to a sparkling set of picture glyphs. Bea liked the style and charisma of Minjoo’s Teddy, and soon started to hand in witty Illustrator drawings. Once the set had reached a respectable quantity, Minjoo and Andreas Seidel produced the font, making sure that icons that were registered as Unicode glyphs were assigned to the right slot.

Conceived around the main themes of food, travel and tourism, the Teddings font is fully functional and pretty usefu as it is. Hopefully, we can add a few more specialized fonts in the future: more complete travel and office sets, emoticons – the possibilities are practically endless!

View and download the Teddings character set …
… showing the two solutions for the positions of glyphs: both alphabetical and Unicode-savvy.

Test and buy Teddings while still on discount

Pencil sketches for Teddings by Bea Davies

Other work by Bea Davies

Poster for the Berlin comics bookshop of this name, designed and silkscreened by Bea.

A self-printed zine based on a popular blog: Samurai’s Visual Journal.
Watch the process here!