Inspired by quasi-gothic logotypes of the eighties heavy-rock scene, at the age of fifteen Allan fell in love with letters. After six years of self-study of calligraphy and a 6-month trainee experience as a (metal) typesetter he went to Roehampton University in London, graduating in 1999 with a BA. Hons. in Calligraphy! Having subsequently moved to Barcelona, he became part of the emerging lettering & type design scene, gaining experience as a type designer as well as teaching calligraphy at BAU Escola de Dessiny, and graduated as a Master in type design at EINA design school. With Laura Meseguer and in co-operation with FontFont Spain, he published the typographic fanzine TypoRed featuring articles and news on type design.
Living in Copenhagen from 2002 to 2015 , work was divided between teaching and freelance design work. In 2014 he received an award from The Danish Association of Book Crafts for his bespoke typeface Niebuhr Antikva.
Allan now runs his freelance business Old Tool Types from San Sebastián in the Basque country, taking on a variety of commissions mainly in logo design and custom lettering and type design. In recent years he has worked for the two main beer manufacturers in Denmark – Royal Unibrew and Carlsberg – developing new beer brands, providing lettering, logotypes and custom typefaces.

Other work by Allan Daastrup

One of 4 large format signs (125x200 cm) with custom lettering produced for Content Management System developers Umbraco. The request from Niels Hartvig at Umbraco was: “Can you make me four signs with company credos in 10 days? I like vintage lettering – but you can do what you like.” The signs were ultimately printed on plywood, and hang in the headquartes of Umbraco, serving as a daily inspiration to the employees. All letterforms were specially drawn for this project.