Jan was born in The Hague, the Netherlands, and lived in Leiden, Amsterdam and Gent (Belgium) before moving to Berlin in 2005.
He’s a largely self-taught editorial designer and writer on typography. He wrote articles on type and design for many design magazines, including London’s Eye Magazine and the Eye Blog. He (co-)wrote and (co-)edited books that include Hey, there goes one of mine! (2002), Dutch Type (2004), soon sold out, but reprinted in 2018 under his own imprint Druk Editions, Made with FontFont (2006, with Erik Spiekermann), Shaping Text (2012) and Hand to Type (2012). He worked as an editor and consultant for various typographic companies, including FontShop, LucasFonts and Linotype. For 9 years he was an editor and consultant to MyFonts, where he edited the popular interview newsletter Creative Characters. In 2015-2017 he was a book designer and typesetter for radical London publisher Repeater Books. Between 2015 and 2016 he developed ideas for Fust & Friends with Berlin friends Florian Hardwig and Dan Reynolds, then after Florian and Dan both got very occupied with family life, Jan started up Fust & Friends for real – still with quite a bit of help from friends – in late 2017.
Early 2020, during the corona crisis, Jan felt that he had to simplify his life, and let go of Fust & Friends.

Jan’s personal website: check out books (written, edited, contributed to, and translated) or read articles from three decades.