The Complete Bundle consists of all fonts that were produced by Fust’s Friends in the 5 years of our existence.

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In the five years of our existence, we have produced some well-received work. The layerable Teddy script face won Minjoo Ham a TDC award, our revivals of German pre-digital typefaces Alarm (1928) and Presto (1970) put us on the map as serious savers of forgotten fonts, and the charming and practical Teddy-compatible icon set Teddings found happy users across the globe. The promising text family Out Sans never made the grade, as its designer was invited to develop corporate type for several huge clients  … and so we include a beta of its Medium, the secondary font for most of our samples.

Meanwhile, all members of the loose Fust group developed their own projects, and Fust & Friends became a somewhat osbscure side activity for all of us. As keeping a foundry alive would (and should) take more time than any of us could invest, we decided to close the foundry down later in 2020. Jan proposed to end with a bang, making available the entire library as a bargain. In other words: type lovers who like these fonts, but cannot think (yet) of a project to use any of them, may now find them affordable enough to just play with them — with the sturdy 1920s shapes of Alarm, used for some great editorial design; Teddy, with its layerable script, its international set of catchwords, and its huge character set, and its compatible and practical set of icons and pictures — Teddings —, the unique digitization of the foundry metal font Presto, and the surprising beta version of an unfinished family, Out Sans Medium.